Myrna Powell

B.Counsel, Cert.Som.Psych, RN, Member AASP, Reg. PACFA
Myrna Powell has been working as a psychotherapist in private practice for over 20 years. She has had extensive training and experience in working with individuals and couples in psychodynamic psychotherapy. She specialises in Couples Therapy. Myrna’s approach to Couples Therapy brings together intra-psychic processes as well as inter-personal processes with a consideration as to how these are influenced by the unconscious mind. She is interested in exploring current issues within the couple and their connection to unresolved conflicts from the family of origin and how these are played out in the relationship. Myrna provides a supportive place for couples where old patterns can be explored so that new meanings can be found. Couples Therapy provides the opportunity for each member of the couple to grow and evolve in ways which may not have been possible earlier.