Clinical Psychologist

BPsych(Hons), DClinPsy/MSc

Shirley works with adolescents and adults and applies an integrative approach in building insight into one’s internal experience and obtaining an understanding of the relationships between thoughts, emotions and behaviours. She strongly believes that obtaining a greater awareness of the self and one’s experience can be a path to alleviating suffering.

She believes that all individuals are connected to one another through their experiences, and that we all face similar anxieties and fears around our existence. She also holds the view that suffering can be exacerbated by denial or resistance to a problem rather than acceptance.

Shirley holds a Bachelor of Psychology, a Master of Science and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She has worked in both private, public and hospital settings with both groups and individual clients. She has a special interest in working in the long term with clients within a psycho-dynamic frame.