Gymea Lily Psychotherapy Centre is a psychological practice with a difference.  We have specialists in psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adults and adolescents and its child equivalent, play therapy.  Therefore, along with cognitive behavioural interventions, we are also able to help our patients think about more complex and enduring concerns.

Gymea Lily Psychotherapy Centre is designed to be a place where people can feel assured they are receiving the best support for their needs.  As we are not constrained by policies and budgets, our clinicians are able to offer the most effective treatment for presenting problems.

We endeavour to offer a centre, where long-term psychoanalytical psychotherapy is still appreciated and able to be provided by clinicians, who are highly qualified and trained in this approach.  Long-term treatment of this kind emphasizes work with the inner aspects of a person, be they adult or child.  In this approach, there is a particular emphasis on feelings and imagination, which allows for less explainable symptoms with no apparent cause to be dealt with.

The centre is also set up to offer other speciality treatments to children as well as parents.  Gymea Lily Psychotherapy Centre often sees children, who require more support than shorter term therapies offered elsewhere. We provide both dry and wet play therapy rooms, as well as run an infant clinic, where we can help parents with the tasks of managing their new responsibilities.

We offer long-term group psychotherapy. This enables people, who are interested in the possibilities of group work either exclusively or in conjunction with individual sessions, to work through concerns with both their peers and therapist.  Group psychotherapy can also be appealing as it is a more affordable option.