Psychotherapy Group Starting Shortly

Group Analytic theory provides a model that integrates the intrapsychic with the interpersonal
Group Analysis (or group-analytic psychotherapy) is an established form of group therapy based on the view that deep and lasting change can occur within a carefully constituted group, whose combined membership reflects the wider society.
The group provides a thinking and feeling space without the pressure of being goal directed. Personal issues are explored in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality.
Through the relationships which develop within the group a living demonstration is provided of how past patterns of behaviour can reproduce themselves in the present, blocking growth and creativity. Analysis of this process opens the way for change.
The group also provides a nurturing environment within which it becomes possible to recover from traumatic life experiences. Other therapeutic effects arise from the opportunity to see oneself through the eyes of others, and to participate in the therapy of other group members. Everyone uses the group differently, at their own pace.
How to create a space for thinking and understanding, too much structure may take this away, but do need some management in groups esp kids groups
A structured group sacrifices the essentially analytic approach to the inner world of the child, it can obscure us getting to know the inner conflicts of the person.
A Psychoanalytic group therapist aims to follow the person’s communications and explore the inner workings of the their mind.
Watch out for our understanding yourself group.