WEBSITES Hug-a-bub are advocates of “attachment parenting.” Attachment parenting is a high-touch, responsive style of baby care that brings out the best in both baby and parents. It is a style of baby care that parents would naturally practice if they followed their own intuition.The hug-a-bub carrier was designed with the appreciation and understanding for why babies need to be in close contact with their parents and how hard this can be without the support of an extra pair of hands.

They have designed a baby carrier that has made it more comfortable and convenient for parents to wear their baby as they go, than to continually have to stop what they are doing to rock the pram, shake the rattle or bounce the bouncer. For more information, follow the link on the left. Information on gastric reflux Information on breastfeeding. Phone: 1800 686 268 Infant Massage information Birthing Classes in the Sutherland Shire Birth International – Australia


The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two  by William Seers and Martha Seers
New Active Birth: A Concise Guide to Natural Childbirth by Janet Balaskas