1. “Going from One to Two…to Three – Leaving the Dyad Behind” 
by Vera Auerbach
Talk for the Australian Breastfeeding Association, January 9 2006
Useful advice on how to cope with a toddler AND a new baby
2. “Brief Group Intervention as an Adjunct in the long term treatment of Trauma” 
by Vera Auerbach & Dr. Chris McDowell
ABSTRACT: The paper discusses a brief group-analytic treatment group in the context of a long-term intervention for trauma. The common trauma was exposure to the risk of contracting Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). An outline of sessions is presented along with the transposition and parallel processes taking place.
Keywords: brief group psychotherapy, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), group-analysis, Infertility.
3. From Symbiosis to Madness to Separation: A Systematic Analysis of Postpartum Psychosis”
by Vera Auerbach
ABSTRACT: An area that seems to have been overlooked in family therapy is that of postpartum psychosis. This article looks at bringing together the medical theories and intra psychic accounts into a systemic perspective of postpartum psychosis (PPP). A case study will be used to draw the threads together, and treatment suggestions are put forward
4. “Group Intervention Program for Oppositional, Noncompliant and Aggressive Preschoolers”
By Vera Auerbach et. al.
Please Note: A version of this article was published in Clinical Psychologist, Summer 1999, Vol. 3 No. 2, pages 30-34.
5. An Investigation into the ability of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale to detect depressive symptomatology after childbirth”
By Vera Auerbach

6. “Who Do I Love When I Love My Mother? Who Do I Love When I Love My Baby? Separation and Attachment Themes in Parent-Infant Groups”
By Norma Tracey, Vera Auerbach, Mary Cameron, Helen Kvelde, Maria Kourt, Maggie Newlyn, Sylvia Enfield, Lorraine Rose, Beulah Warren
7. “Training in Attachment”
By Vera Auerbach
8. Child Therapy: Won’t They Just Grow Out Of It?
This is a reproduction of a leaflet written by The Child Psychotherapy Trust that aims to increase awareness of children’s mental and emotional health. For more information about The Childhood Psychotherapy Trust, please write to:The Child Psychotherapy Trust
Star House
104-108 Grafton Road
London NW5 4BDEmail:
9. “Controlled Crying: AAIMHI Position Paper”
See also the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health website:
10. Getting to Know You – Newborn Communication 0-12 Weeks”
By Vera Auerbach for the Australian Breastfeeding Association