“Mum’s the Word”  The SBS TV Series

Caroline Jones Presents “An Authentic Life – Finding Meaning & Spirituality In Everyday Life”.ABC Online Shop at www.shop.abc.net.au
A deeply uplifting guide to life which suggests how to feel happier and more at home in yourself.

“Getting to Know You”http://www.nswiop.nsw.edu.aul

Current research has shown how critical early social interaction is for a child’s developing brain. In the hurly-burly of parenthood, it can be difficult to recognise your baby’s earliest communications. By focusing on the first three months of life, this video aims to help babies and parents get to know each other.

“Hello Dad”http://www.nswiop.nsw.edu.au
Sometimes, despite the amazing emotions of fatherhood, men can feel little more than bystanders. However babies know their fathers too, and from the moment of birth they are eager to interact with them.

Video: To The Other Shore
A poetic diary film about motherhood and psychotherapy.


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