Gloria joined Gymea Lily in 2013 and is a registered psychologist.  She works part-time at Gymea Lily and as a school counsellor. She has training and experience in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, family counselling, psycho education, solution focused and art-and-play therapy. She is registered as a Worker’s Compensation specialist in managing work-related issues.

Gloria has extensive experience helping adults and young people struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and bereavement, as well as conflict and the resolution thereof. She provides support for families dealing with cancer and children who have a parent with a chronic illness. She also helps with anxiety management for high school children, social phobia and generalised anxiety.

Other areas of expertise include anger management or stress management, issues of harassment and discrimination, bullying within the workplace, grief and loss, self-esteem and confidence, parenting and family issues, couples and relationship issues. She also likes to help with mediation services.

Gloria has over 30 years of experience in the education system managing child and adolescent behaviour, working cooperatively with school principals, teachers, families and students. She was involved in the implementation of the school emotional literacy programme, the Circle Time Programme, as a response to bullying in schools. She has given workshops on resilience and behaviour training to parents and teachers and she has helped with parent skills programmes for parents of children and adolescents. She has helped run workshops for teenagers in communication skills and she teaches relaxation strategies as well as problem-solving strategies and anger management. She is competent in the administration and report writing of psychometric assessments such as the WISC IV, the WIAT, the WPPSI and the Yarc, as well as diagnosing and identifying learning difficulties in students. She can also carry out the Woodcock Reading Assessment.

Gloria has a diploma in teaching, a graduate diploma in social science and psychology, a postgraduate diploma in psychology from 2007 and she has a graduate certificate in school counselling from the University of Western Sydney 2008. She speaks Italian and does in fact also hold a degree in Italian 7th century society. She has been a class teacher and an Italian language teacher and she has extensive knowledge of the board of studies School curriculum from Kindergarten to year 12.