This document sets out the terms of our provision of Psychological Services and other related services to you, and constitutes our cost agreement, and disclosure, according to our obligations.

This schedule is based on the National Schedule recommended by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).  Prices do not include GST and may need to be added depending on the party engaging us in service.

Please become familiar with this schedule, as all services delivered by Gymea Lily Psychotherapy Centre (GLPC) are charged according to this document, unless otherwise negotiated.  Reports or any written documentation are not included in the cost of a standard consultation or packaged services.

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, please contact our Centre at least 24 hours before your appointment  between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. This is to allow enough time to offer the appointment to another client on our waiting list. Failure to do so may result in a late cancellation fee as determined by your therapist. If you fail to attend your appointment without any notice, the full fee may be charged.


Schedule of Fees



8am-2pm weekdays

3pm-9pm W’days &  8-4pm  Sat

    Registered Psych Clinical Psych Registered Psych Clinical Psych
IO4 Standard Psychological Consultation1 125.00-165.00 195.00-220.00 140.00-180.00 215.00-220.00
PO4 Telephone or Email Consultation (parents)2 125.00-165.00 195.00 140.00-180.00 195.00
CO4 Case Conference or Teleconference (OtherParties)3 140.00 190.00 145.00 195.00
CM4 Case Management or Administration Support4 110.00 125.00 125.00 140.00
HN4 Services involving high-conflict cases, disputes, court or any legal matters (existing or intending)5 350.00 400.00 400.00 450.00
AD5 Psychologist Travel Time6 125.00 150.00 150.00 200.00

Fees for standard Psychological Consultations may vary, as they are at the discretion of the therapist. 

Psychometric Tests

    Psychologist Psychologist-in-Training
PS1 Intelligence and Cognitive Ability Tests (WAIS/WISC) 400.00- 950.00 350.00
PS2 Educational Achievement Tests (WAIT) 400.00- 950.00 350.00
  Combination of 2 tests (e.g. WISC & WIAT/WAIS & WMS) 800.00 – 1,250.00 450.00
PS3 Autism Diagnostic Tests 400.00 – 1,350.00 Negotiable
PS4 Developmental Tests 500.00 – 1,350.00 Negotiable
PS5 Behaviour or Screening Tests/Questionnaires & scoring (e.g. BDI, IES, BAI, CBCL) 90.00 – 125.00 50.00

Psychometric Tests are not the same as a Psychological Assessment.  The fees for each test include up to 6 hours of the psychologists time that are allocated for parent interview & feedback, test administration, scoring and interpretation of results and report writing. In some cases, further time may be required to complete a test and this will be charged as per standard hourly rate. Psychological Assessments may require multiple tests, as well as one or more clinical interviews.

Report Writing5

RO1 Letter Writing, School Recommendations (1 page) 195.00 (+GST)
RO2 Brief Supplementary Report  (2-3 pages) 400.00 (+GST)
RO3 Summary Report (3-4 pages) 650.00 (+GST)
RO4 Short Report (3-4 pages) 800.00 (+GST)
RO5 Standard Report (5-6 pages) 1,500.00 (+GST)
RO6 Extended Report (6-7+ pages) 2,050.00 (+GST)
RO7 Subpoena Preparation/Affidavit preparation5 300.00 (+GST)
  File Review and Copying (for existing clients only)


Less than 10 Pages

225.00 (+GST)


75.00 (+GST)

A report is a psychological service that is directly requested by the referring agency or client. Reports must comply with rigorous professional and clinical standards. Letters are not considered reports.

Reports require explicit written or verbal consent from the client or a legal guardian. A report if a structured presentation typically including such components as relevant psychological history, history of presenting issues, present conditions test results, interventions and recommendations. Professional letters to medical or referral agencies concerning treatment needs of the client are not considered to constitute reports.

Letters are charged as per RO1 item on this schedule of fees, billed on an hourly basis.

The following formula is used to calculate the final report fees: Rc = Fr + Pwt + Rr + At
Report cost (Rc), File review (Fr), Professional writing time (Pwt), Report review (Rr) + Administrative time (At)


AD2 Postage and Handling (for reports and VIP documents) 30.00
AD3 Report Reprinting, or File Retrieval from Archives 75.00
AD4 Travel Costs (per hour) 35.00


  1. Sessions are 45-50 minutes in length. These items do not include reports or any kind of written document. Fees are charged per professional. Not all services provided by us are eligible for Medicare or private health rebates. The item numbers described above are not to be confused with Medicare Item numbers. Medicare services are delivered in accordance with Medicare guidelines and those terms are not covered by this schedule.
  2. Excluding international phone charges/ Telephone consultation rates are only available for private clients. Agencies or session with other parties are charged as per Teleconference fees.
  3. A Case Conference is consultation between the psychologist and others, typically outside the clinic setting. This fee is for the professional time only and other fees like travel time and costs will apply.
  4. Case Management is charged when communication between the client, another person involved in the case and the psychologist is required by a Case Manager.
  5. This item includes any work carried out in regards to a high conflict cases, legal matters and may include review of documents, case management, case conferences, affidavit preparation, expert witness, court attendance, provision or testimony. Fees for this service are higher to take into account the additional complexity, intensity and disruption of service.
  6. Travel time is charged for psychologists commuting to and from the clinical setting (transit). The cost of the travel (personal vehicle or taxi) is charged as per item AD4 or more when required.
  7. Psychometric tests are not the same as a Psychological Assessment. The fees for each test include up to 6 hours of psychologists time that are allocated for parent interview and feedback, test administration, scoring and interpretation of results and report writing. In some cases, further time may be required to complete a test and this will be charges as per standard hourly rate. Psychological assessments may require multiple tests and other clinical interviews. Clients requiring multiple tests can benefit from a 10% to 15% discount from the total assessment fees.